When I don’t have a lot of time and leftover ingredients the day before I go shopping, I love making simple yet delicious salads for lunch and/or dinner.  I have dubbed Tuesdays simple salad Tuesdays.  I am going to try to find amazing, delicious, and quick salads that you can make in 10 minutes or less with 5 or fewer ingredients!  Today is a walnut strawberry salad!  I take nice big chunks of fresh strawberries, a handful or two of spring greens, big chunks of tomato, and some super yummy raw walnuts toss ’em together and pour over it my favorite vegan dressing or vinigrette.  Use what you love or make a simple vinigrette by combining 1/4 cup balsamic, 1 Tbsp raw agave nectar, 2 Tbsp olive oil, and a sprinkle of Braggs Salt Free Seasoning!  Enjoy with a nice big glass of sweet tea.  I will most likely be found sitting outside while the kids are down for quiet time savoring this peak of the season delight!